Sunday, 19 February 2017

@Phil FSTS Son & Embalmist Designs - Further Development 2


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  2. Hi Graeme - okay - so, with the boy, I think the 3/4 view is telling you something about what's wrong with the front view - in truth, his head is very wide and his features tiny, and I do think you need to 'three dimensionalise' his features more - so they're not just little flat marks on a big wide face. You need more structure and I also think the whole 'black dots for eyes' thing (of which year one students seem very fond) isn't helping you either. I know your references are themselves very simple, but you need a bit more information here to crisp and distinguish your character as 'a character'... so, for your reference:

    Re. the embalmist - I like the exaggeration here - so the glasses and the moustache beginning to work nicely - but as per the boy etc. the actual head shape is indistinct and lacks a coherent structure (it's a blobbish shape, not a shapely shape) and while the triangle-shape for the body is again a welcome move towards character design of a more confident and 'for animation' style, it too gets a bit blobby, especially in regards to the shoulders and arms:

    So - distinct head shapes:

    and take a look at these in terms of arms/legs and definite structures:

    1. thank you so much for the feedback Phil! I'll get on it right now :)