Monday, 18 June 2018

Lost Boy: Present Graeme - 2D Animated Turnaround WIP

As per Phil's advice during the Premise crit I have spent the past few days practising 2D animation with a turnaround animation of the present Graeme. I really want to practice a lot with 2D animation because I want to overlay this on top of the CG animation to give it a more scratchy, sketchy feel as I think it could add some nice dimension and texture to the film. This animation definitely needs more work - it's pretty clunky in parts - His hands are too small in some frames and the hair is challenging as the wavy parts need to match in all drawings to make it flow nicely. The feet were really difficult to understand in 3D so drawing a simple circle underneath the character really helped with animating them. I also had to edit a lot of my original static turnaround drawings as they did not animate well when overlaid on top of each other, I also need to do more in between keys and I am going to continue with this and add in more details such as a blink to really finesse it. If all goes well with 3D modelling I think it could look interesting to have a 3D turnaround showing the pipeline but also a 2D turnaround possibly meshed together.

I do feel a lot more comfortable using Photoshop rather than flash and following the video below by adding simple actions really equipped photoshop to be used as a useful animation tool. I am currently reading the book "Elemental Magic, The Art of Special Effects Animation" which is extremely useful and is teaching me a lot that I could incorporate into 2D animation such as smoke effects. I want to get to a place where I can work a lot more efficiently in 2D as this took way to long to accomplish, I do feel like I will get there slowly but surely. In the future I would like to animate small little snippets of lines from the script recording to match the different ideas that I have for the animation, keeping in mind the feedback of amping up the exaggeration. I am excited to learn more about 2D animation and I am thoroughly enjoying the process thus far.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Lost Boy: The Art Room - Concept Art

Using what Alan suggested, instead of showing too many intricate details in the art room which would be cumbersome to model, I have attempted to work on the art of suggestion by showing mounds of shapes toppled and tethering on top of each other which represent the crap that was strewn all over the art room, I am going give a whirl of trying different shapes and showing hints of actual objects stuck around the mounds such as desks, chairs, books, canvases, sculptures and so on, this would seem a lot more feasible in maya - I could fill the majority of the mounds with boxes and have planes scattered around, I quite like the look of them look see through so I will play around with the transmition in Arnold.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Lost Boy - The Art Room - Concept Art & Colour keys

I feel like the one with just the orange and green is a bit to halloweeny.. I might add even more clutter around the table

Lost Boy - The Art Room - Concept Art WIP

I am spending some time reimagining the art room, I want to try and show what a creative hovel it was by amping up the exaggeration by showing it as a cave with bric a brac littered throughout.  If I decide to go with these designs for the final film it will be interesting to see how this will work the white background for the representation of memory. I need to be careful with the juxtaposition of the open white space to the cramped nature of the art room and make sure that it isn't too jarring, I could possibly have it fade in or I could have the Camera zoom through one of the arches which would be white and then have it translate to the inside of the room with the arches maybe turning dark, I could also try rendering layers separate, I am thinking about modelling the stalactites and stalagmites along with the cave walls in mudbox as I feel it would be more organic. I am going to be doing tests of these along with spending time doing quick sketches such as this for other areas of the story to see what flourishes, I will add finishing touches such as colour and experiment with palatable palettes that work.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Toolkit 2: Moom Animation - Head Movement

moom head movement from Graeme Daly on Vimeo.

Toolkit 2: Submission

Maya: Pipeline 1 - Head modelling 

Maya: Pipeline 1 - Body modelling 

Maya: Lighting & Rendering 2 
Arnold part 13 - Geometry Override Sets

Arnold Part 14 - Physical Sky Light
Arnold Part 16: Mesh Lights
Arnold Part 17: Ambient Occlusion
Arnold Part 18: Photometric Lights
Arnold Part 19: Depth of Field
Arnold Part 20: Fog (Legacy) & Atmosphere
Arnold Part 21: Displacement
Arnold Part 22: Sub Surface Scattering
Arnold Part 23 - AOV's
Arnold Part 24 - Stand Ins (Proxies)
Arnold Part 25: Motion Blur
Arnold Part 26 - Caustics

Animation: Weightlifting exercise
Moom weightlifting final playlist

Animation: Lip Sync
Facial Animation - Phonemes
Facial Animation - Jaw Bounce
Facial Animation Progress - Lip Sync, Jaw Bounce & Phonemes
Moom Animation - Extreme Brows & Eyes
Moom Animation - Head Movement

Animation: contribution to the Collaboration project
Collaboration Animations

Drawing: Character Design Bible
Character Design Bible

Drawing: Life Drawings
Life Drawing Session 2
Life Drawing Session 3
Life Drawing Session 4
Life Drawing Session 5
Life Drawing Session 6
Life Drawing Session 7
Life Drawing - Session 8
Life Drawing: Session 9

Life Drawing - Session 11
Life Drawing - Session 12
Life Drawing - Session 14
Life Drawing - Session 15
Life Drawing - Session 16
Life Drawing - Session 17

Acting Classes

Sculpting Classes


Toolkit 2: Moom Animation - Extreme Brows & Eyes

phones jaw bounce lip sync and eyebrows from Graeme Daly on Vimeo.