Saturday, 16 February 2019

Major: Lost Boy - Characters Updated Textures

I have updated the textures for all of the characters to include some visible brush strokes to get some nice texture to reflect the world of Lost Boy.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Major: Lost Boy - Previz Edit

I have edited the previz of lost boy to cut it down to the 6 minute mark and make the animation more snappy and less floaty. I have also added a frame count and timecode so that I can now create a shot-list which along with the previz is going to be sent to the composer.

Lost boy Edit from Graeme Daly on Vimeo.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Life Drawing - Session 4

Minor: Lot Boy - Art of Updated

I decided to return to my art of as I ran into a lot of problems with issu  just before hand In. I didn’t realise that Issuu automatically makes the pages front facing as I designed it to not take this into account when creating the document with artboards - I had the cover page be half the size and the following bulk of the document be twice the size of the cover page, even though I did do a test upload with the first two pages which seemed to look fine it was not the case when the whole document was uploaded as the pages were squashed down as issuu read the two pages as one, making it really wide but squashed, to accommodate for this with Alans help I had to add another page after the cover page and chop the front facing pages up into individual pages which unfortunately meant that my concept art and pages that run and makes sense next to each other were chopped up in the process. It is unfortunate that I did not get my art of to look the way that I wanted it to look for hand in as I can honestly say this is the first Art of that I have created that I actually like and I think it reflects nicely the style that I am going for with my film.. But I am taking it with a pinch of salt and have learned a valuable lesson.

I decided to finesse the art of more by fixing typo’s and adding more analogue elements such as more little doodles, an about section describing the story and page numbers, I also wanted to share that during the Christmas break when I was back home in the emerald isle I asked my niece to do some drawings for me and she was giddy to oblige which I included in the Art of,  as it was Christmas my neice’s drawings were mainly Christmas related which I think is adorable and I loved putting them in the art of and hopefully Eve can do some more for me and they can be scanned over and added for the Major art of.

The other elements such as the doodles were simply fonts that I downloaded from dafont and put on a separate photoshop document and just copied over the ones I wanted on a particular page, the majority of the other elements were vectors that I mainly download from  Clipartmax Along with a few that I scanned in myself. 

I really enjoyed doing the Art of for Lost Boy I like the way that it looks and I am happy that it reflects the film and it is nice to feel contempt with an art. 

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Minor - Reflective Statement

I have throughly enjoyed the process of the minor project.
I particularly enjoyed doing the previz for Lost Boy, I love manoeuvring and manipulating cameras and lighting to try and get inside the characters shoes and to feel what they feel. I think my skills in storytelling have improved a lot and the previz really helped push this along.

It has been hard to pin things down and not let myself fly off the handle in terms of getting a film made as I cut down a lot of my ideas of shots and elements that I wanted to happen in the film - this is one thing to my own character that has been an issue, through doing the previz and trying to be as ecomic as possible and actually foretelling my capabilities of what I can achieve in the short few months for the Major hand in I think I have a good jumping off point with telling the story of Lost Boy.

I would have loved to have had at least one character rigged and skinned and to see them non-static would have been an achievement, I need to speed things up a lot more in terms of rigging and skinning as I do feel they are the most important part of bringing the character to life - I am apprehensive because of this as one slip could mess things up but I just need to have more confidence in myself and not move at such a snails pace as I really just want to start animating and directing again.

I like the look of the characters I think I have achieved the original sketchy art style of my original concept art and although I did have issues with my art of I thoroughly enjoyed designing it, I really felt like I could let myself go with it and it felt really lose and natural and I am happy with how it looks although I am going back to tweak it as there are errors and certain elements have been mistakenly chopped up.

I loved how communicative minor has felt from having meetings with Phil or Alan or nabbing them whenever I can to show them what they think of something and getting feedback and inspiration from chats about creating things has felt inspiring.

Minor has all in all just made me feel like I completely get my film now - I get the way that I want it the look, what the characters are feeling and what I want the viewers to feel and when I want them to laugh out loud or feel a smidge of sadness. I think I am on a good path going full steam ahead into major, I just need to crank things up a notch.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Minor Lost Boy - Mrs Pratt UV's

I didn't get the chance to update Mrs Pratt's turnarounds with her painted textures as part of my my minor submission But I do think I can improve the textures of all the characters furthermore.