Monday, 24 October 2016

Calvino Invisible Cities Project Reflective Statement

There is a lot that I have learned from my first project. The biggest thing that I need to work on for my next project is time management, For the first two weeks from the day of briefing for the second project I am going to be working my hardest to get as much done as I possibly can as I don't want to be rushing and end up having to jeopardise my designs to meet deadlines as I had to do with this project. I have also learned that I need to be less private and really need to start uploading my designs while they are still in progress to get feedback from my lecturers and fellow students on my designs on how I can better them. Time management and uploading to the blog go hand in hand as I need to be working from day one and upload as soon as possible to get constructive criticism. I also found it frustrating how my nerves got the better of me during the presentation as I did not get to articulate everything that I wanted about Argia and why my designs were such a way because of how nervous I was. Presenting in front of people is my biggest fear and It is something that will hopefully get better with practice, The only way to get over the fear of public speaking is to do it, and to do it as much as possible. Implementing all of the above should take the pressure off for the second project and I am going to work my hardest to make it the best that I can. I am very proud of how far I have come with photoshop and using a tablet as I have never used a tablet before. I feel like I have the hang of it now and I am excited for any digital painting class that we have to learn more skills that I can use in my designs. I never in a million years thought that I would be able to produce something like my designs in such as short amount of time and I am proud of myself for that.

Art of Argia

Art of Argia by Graeme on Scribd

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Calvino Invisible Cities project thumbnails - Argia

I want to do some paintings of Argia in my sketchbook, I have a trick up my sleeve.. I just need the materials to arrive from Ireland. Cant wait :)