Friday, 7 October 2016

Calvino - Invisible Cities Online Greenlight Review

Invisible Cities Online greenlight review by Graeme on Scribd


  1. OGR 07/10/2016

    Hi Graeme,

    The technical/imaginative challenges of Argia have been well outlined by me in these other Argia-picked OGRs and the basic principle of the advice relates to you too.

    I'm excited by the linking between the logic of the light source and the possible architectural identity for your version of Argia. Looking at insect structures as a means of inspiring exteriors and interiors should provide a rich source of inspiration, but in line with feedback for everyone else, don't forget the issue of scale - i.e. the cities are massive developments characterised by a range of sorts of buildings, some more special or 'important' than others. I want you to think about the range of types of places who'd expect to find in an Argian city and then think about why particular approaches to them might be more appropriate - for example, Cathedrals are often more elaborate/decorative than factories: seats of government (parliament/monarchy/palaces) are often more imposing and grand than neighbouring buildings and so on.

    I do think that if glowworms were energy sources, then the good people of Argia might a) have found a way to farm them and b) found ways to contain them so their light source could be directed/controlled and concentrated. This 'industrial' element might be worth considering in terms of your interior - I want students to avoid drawing the corners of domestic residences with chairs and tables etc. and use their interior instead to talk about some important or meaningful or explanatory aspect of their cities and their culture. Food for Argians is always a mystery too - where does it come from, where is it grown? Like this?

    For someone who has been shy about showing/posting thumbnails, I can tell you your fears are unfounded. There are lots of dynamic thumbnails in your collections - I particularly liked 55, which while belonging to another city, feels like something we might encounter down in Argia too. The lesson here is 'just show your work/share it/post it', as this way interesting conversations about your work can begin.

    Re. my previous comment re. 'pulp sci-fi/horror' - if it's a thing you're going to run with, then do please ensure that you're also looking at lots of examples of artist work to ensure it's a style you embrace with confidence and with precision.

  2. Hi Phil thanks so much for the insightful advice I really appreciate it. I'm starting to get ideas and I'm thinking about how the people of Argia are adapting living underground into their lifestyles and culture and how that would look especially with the glow worms. I had a good chat with Simon today too who also gave me some great advice. I will definitely be posting more of my work regularly because the advice that you guys give is the the best that I could ask for, thanks so much for everything :)