Friday, 17 February 2017

@Phil FSTS Son & Embalmist Designs - Further Development


  1. Hey Graeme,

    Okay - so I think you need to look at the 'flatness' of your designs - you can see, especially on the profile images, that they're both very 'straight up, straight down' and this shows that they're lacking structure - or shapes - or shapeliness. Take a look at these references for a sense of what I mean:

    I think you need to think about greater exaggeration too - so looking again at the features and thinking about them as 'shapes' - a test as to whether or not your character is working is to turn them into silhouettes - I think if you were to make your boy and father into silhouettes, you'd find that they'd both be difficult to read as distinguishable, clear character types:

    1. Thanks Phil, I'll see what I can do :)