Sunday, 19 February 2017

FSTS Final Concept Art - Attic


  1. Wow - this caught my eye right away - I can see you growing in confidence re. the 'UPA' style - line art + loose colour blocking. I don't quite understand all of the colour work - it's a bit technicolour for a boy who the audience is supposed to feel sorry for? IT looks rather lovely in here, as opposed to a bit lonely and repressed - wouldn't take much to change the mood though, would it?

  2. Thanks so much Phil! :), I just really loved the green and purple together in these pics -
    I thought maybe when the Mother was alive she tried to make it seem more vibrant for the son by painting it but your right, I'm not really trying to make it seem lovely and wouldn't be able to show that message, I got carried away again haha, ill throw a hue saturation on it and dial the colours down, thanks so much for the comment :)

  3. Okay - time to get some of that 'moon rim lighting' in here too - picking out various objects etc... I think this is already much more 'poor lad' and atmospheric.



    Many thanks :)