Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Soundscape Project: Reflective Statement

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this project. It was thrilling to bring the dictaphone with you everywhere you go and try and find interesting sounds to record and then alter these sounds and manifest them into something truly unique to match your own interpretation of the images was electrifying. This project really sparked my imagination and I have learned a lot through observation and mainly trial and error,

I have learned even more so that the best way to learn anything is to make mistakes, but understand where you went wrong and try and work around it, if the sound wasn't working it just meant that I needed to spend more time playing around with audition to problem solve the reason why, I loved editing the static images in After Effects and trying to make them pulsate and contort to match the sound was exhilarating, I have a newfound love for audition and after effects because of this project,

It was inspiring to do my sound Designer profile on Christopher Boyes as he has always had a passion for sound design and I have learned that sound is extremely important in captivating attention, "In a perfect world you'd be able to close your eyes and be able to follow the story completely just by listening to the film" Boyes

Its a pity that I missed so many of Kat's audition classes because I feel like I would have been able to grasp audition quicker and learned more tricks from Kat, albeit I do feel a lot more confident with audition than I did before this project along with After Effects,

I cant wait to use Audition and After Effects more often with the coming projects and to really let my imagination run wild.

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