Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Fantastic Voyage: Pitch - Reflective Statement

The feedback that I received from this pitch has been extremely helpful. To a certain degree I knew what was lacking in my animatic before I posted it, I knew that the sound that I used did not fit whatsoever and I knew that I didn’t have any adrenaline fuelled scenes in the animatic which it desperately needed, it feels as though I know exactly how I want the final film to look in my imagination but Im struggling to get that down visually or in this case with the animatic. I do feel like I stifled myself because I felt like I wasn’t able to draw the action scenes that I wanted in the animatic and I didn’t know how I would animate it in premiere. Instead of pondering over how I’m going to draw something and doubting my abilities in the process I’m going to just have to try and focus more and stop doubting myself before I start because I’m fighting a losing battle if I continue to do this.

I need to just get the references that I need from games and trailers and such and mark down the recurring elements and scenes and mimic them to fit my story and the cell cycle and just make a start!, even if sketches turn out shit I have to learn how to handle the pressure and realise why. To be completely honest my animatic was rushed and was done last minute and I know that If I wasn’t so stressed over it all It could have looked a hell of a lot better along with the design for the pitch. I know what song I want to use in the final film and I’ve a much better understanding of what the commentator will be saying,The world is becoming very clear and vivid in my head thanks to all the feedback from my lecturers and Dr Klappa, I just need to be able to nail it down visually.

I’m confident that I will get there in the end and if I feel like I’m struggling I will be asking for help much more often because the perspective that all my lecturers have is second to none as they can offer insight and knowledge whereas sometimes the stress gets in the way of me seeing things clearly and problem solving efficiently. I will be coming to all the lecturers a lot more often with pages of questions that I need answers too. I’m excited to really dig deep into this project and see the final film as something I can be proud of to end my First year.

Notes From Lecturers and Dr. Klappa during Feedback

Dr Klappa nice concept, looks nice and pleasing, watch Grammar!Totally gets it

To Look into

Movies: Rush, Dual more cartoony movies such as wreck it ralph

Audio: Mario Kart, audio loops third lap tempo picks up at the end,slow mo’s

Racing games: blur, need for speed, ridge racer

Phil Music doesn’t fit, world of cars are good and loony,music is too moody narrative of cell cycle needs to be added to narrative of race, making a raucous cartoon need to figure out how to shoot race,cars on track establishing shot needs intercuts - pedal of car - wheels - looking through windscreen such as commentator for race needs to be describing what is happening in the cell cycle, Performance in eye shape cells can show their emotion through their eyes and eyebrows wreck it ralph, loony action scenes and drama, claw comes down camera under claw In future If previz works better use that, feel how cells feel in that moment.

Nat Figure out characters

Simon Old footage of daredevil racers, soot on face around eyes from googles, cells with crash helmets, Hot wheels track metaphor camera follows around loops, reverse engineer car films and scenes Dual movie - cuts between different parts of car adding speed, fun chaos

Multi camera shot tutorial camera on car camera on driver, render out both cameras for multiple shots and cut together need to rematch camera tutorials!

Following the Advice I have been looking into the following videos for inspiration

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