Thursday, 16 March 2017

Fantastic Voyage OGR 1

Fantastic Voyage OGR 1 by Graeme Daly on Scribd


  1. OGR 16/03/17

    Hi Graeme - I just wrote a whole bunch of feedback on here - posted it - and somehow it disappeared - can you just confirm that it hasn't miraculously appeared for you? If not, I'll just give it to you again... *sigh*

  2. Hi Phil, thats really weird!, Nope I haven't seen anything, I guess you'll have to type it again, It's no worries though! take your time :).

  3. bloody hell! okay - watch this space...

  4. OGR 16/03/17

    Hey Graeme (again!),

    Okay - so if it's a race track idea, go the whole way and make it a racetrack...

    I don't think you need characters driving cars, or rather you don't need complex characters + cars - the cars could be the cells themselves, with the nucleus etc as their passengers/drivers - so maybe something like this?

    In design terms, cars give you so much:

    And the racetrack gives you lots of other helpful stuff too - like the idea of the pitstop - where a car could be souped up - given bigger tyres, bigger engines - or whatever relates to the idea of the cell being readied for Mitosis:

    ... and when it comes to giving all the science over to the audience - someone explaining what's happening and when - you've got another nice touch:

    You could write a great script, explaining very excitedly, about what's going on and get a voice-over artist to do it in the style of one those commentators... and when a car/cell crashes out...

    I think it's a fun idea - and I think you need to grab it completely. In design terms, your race-track 'body world' could be futuristic, toony, retro whatever - still need to get a visual concept for everything.

    One final thing - I'm beginning to notice that a lot of your project documentation is characterised by very muddy colours and a sort of aversion to colour - your OGR is no exception: it looks a bit like a horror film - old blood red and browns... Even your little cell thumbnails are a bit grubby in terms of their spread of colours. Visit the colour scheme designer and freshen things up - it will give you the courage to get your feet out of the mud a bit...

  5. Hey Phil thank you so much for the advice and for tying it all out again! :)
    Jordan said as well to give a whirl of making the cars the cells themselves I think its a good idea, I've been working on some thumbnails, they should be done soon.

    I had the idea of doing pit stops but I wasn't really sure what would happen at the pit stops, I think I just need to do more research into the cell cycle and I should be able to come up with something,

    I noticed that my documentation has been muddy and dark looking too especially with this OGR, I think it could have to do with changing my blog to black I think I unconsciously feel like everything needs to match, which is kind of dumb haha, I'll definitely make my documentation more vivid and vibrant to go with the theme of this world,
    Thanks a bunch for all the help and links, I really appreciate it :)