Sunday, 5 March 2017

From Script to Screen - Reflective Statement

This project was probably the most tough to date but also the most rewarding. It was invigorating to pick 3 random words from a box and have those 3 words flourish into a story that I felt a connection too. I found myself constantly ruminating over ideas that could fit with the story and it really showed me that storytelling is where my heart is, I loved researching and finding information that could fit with the story and combining all this inspiration into one solid nugget while trying to make this world read well with the audience was extremely exciting.

There are some things that I need to work on. I haven't a lot of experience in creating characters and It took me a long time to get my characters to look middling, at one stage I was becoming agitated with myself because I knew my designs weren't working but I couldn't figure out why, with more experience and practice in character design and life drawing I'm going to try and nip this in the bud as even in my finished character designs I still wasn't content with them, I understand now that with the son it was because he looked like his arms and back were detached from his head, it became obvious when it was pointed out to me but I didn't see it at the time and now it is all I see!

My time management still needs improvement, I have definitely improved from the former projects (who knew that keeping a to do list set in priority and sticking by it could be extremely satisfying by scratching out something once completed!) but I really wanted to have a polished professional looking Art of for this project and it is disappointing because I knew exactly how I wanted it to look thanks to the advice from Jordan but I left it too late and wasn't able to make it look how I wanted. For the next project as soon as I have a solid theme for that project and know where I am going with its style I am going to start the Art of ASAP.

It was a lot of fun to try a different style which was the UPA style that I incorporated as it felt more loose and free and I feel excited to realise that not everything needs to be perfect and look real and that animation comes in many vast forms and all I want is to absorb as much information about all the different types of animation that I can and the styles whether it be anything from stylised concept art or character design that occupy them. I do wish though that I dialed up the UPA style a tad.

I much preferred doing the crit in the lecture theatre rather than the bass room and I feel I'm starting to get over my fear of public speaking slowly but surely, I'm starting to realise that nobody gives a toss about how I'm coming across and what they're really interested in is my work, I need to keep this in mind for future crits and stop worrying how I am coming across, I also want to try and use the stage more next time.

I've learned a lot about myself from this project mainly that I love storytelling and that getting a reaction from my classmates from something that you create is truly exhilarating. I'm determined to learn all the programs that we work with whether it be Maya, after effects or audition inside and out so that I can make the Melancholy Man a reality. I cant get the story out of my head and I know that the only way to do that is to tell it and tell it well. I'm excited for the future for when I have the skills to make these stories an actuality.

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