Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Soundscape Project - tunes that could help the creative flow

When Phil said during the briefing "what does colour's sound like" these songs sprang to mind. These are songs by an artist called Culprate where he literally made songs that to him sound like the colour's in the title. I thought I might as well share them as I get idea's for animations mostly from music and since most of our images are of luminescent technicolour they might give you guys some inspiration for your soundscape's or none at all, but give them a whirl if you'd like :) (orange, green and purple are my favourite)


  1. Thanks Graeme! That's really useful. :)

  2. It's a lot like taste visualization you would have done (or about to do: I forget the order) in Meg's class. Finding shape and colour to smells. This was really helpful, I hope it gives you ideas for sounds you could collect.

    1. thanks Zoe ya its definitely helping me find sounds I hope it does the same for others.