Sunday, 22 January 2017

@Phil FSTS Story Idea

Character: Embalmist
Environment: Attic
Prop: Mousetrap

First Idea:
The Embalmist is a complete neat freak with severe OCD as everything has to be prim and proper in the attic where he does his embalming, his attention to detail is immaculate when making bodies look perfect as he would rather spend time with corpses then people as an embalmist needs to be available 24 hours a day he is completely overworked but is fine with it as he has become a social outcast,(I was thinking possibly the Embalmist's wife died or he had to embalm her and now he works all the time to keep his mind occupied as he doesn't tell anyone his feelings).

The embalmist needs complete quite to work, but a mouse keeps squeaking and scurrying across the attic completely distracting the embalmist each time. It could be funny to have a character vs character type of setting.

The embalmist has a son who is completely neglected. (I was thinking maybe the attic could be a studio apartment as they have fallen on hard times? and the embalmist could have his work area separated by a big plastic curtain/room separator while the son has the other side of of the attic (but this could be kind of weird having just a curtain separating dead bodies form his son - maybe the embalmist gave the son headphones/candles/incense to drown out the, I'm guessing noise/smell? ).

I have an idea for a certain type of shot to display the busyness of the embalmist against the boredom of the son where a steady cam is set up in between both the embalmist's work area and the sons area and have a time lapse of them in a day of their lives, it would show the embalmist meticulously perfecting bodies while the son sluggishly moves from one boring activity to the next.

(there could be a problem with it being a studio apartment because the embalmist needs complete quietness so the son would only be able to play with quite things, he woundn't be able to watch tv or make any noise and I feel like the son would have toys lying around sporadically as this goes against the embalmist's OCD, but maybe he never actually leaves behind the curtain that separates both areas so he doesn't mind because he can't see the mess? )

The son is extremely lonely and misses communication of any kind so he befriends the mouse which does not please the embalmist one bit as mice are unsanitary, so the embalmist sets out mousetraps to catch the mouse around his work area and also the sons area,

(possibly as the embalmist is setting the mouse traps around the attic he goes around picking up random toys and putting them away as his OCD takes over, but maybe he picks up a teddy/picture or some toy that his wife gave his son and he has a flashback of the three of them together in happier times but the snap of a mousetrap brings him back to reality as the sons only friend has been caught in the mousetrap)
the embalmist could realise from his flashback that he has been selfish and completely neglected his sons feelings and he feels instant remorse for trying to kill his sons only friend so maybe through the embalmists knowledge of albeit human annotamy he tries to save the mouse as the mouse isn't dead but critical,
The mouse could be saved and the embalmist realises the error of his ways and makes a conscious decision to spent time with his son. he rips down the curtain that separates the two of them.

This is what I have so far any feedback from all is welcome :)

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