Wednesday, 19 April 2017

@Phil Fantastic Voyage: Cell & Nucleus Maya Stills Updated


  1. Hi Graeme - I think in terms of texturing etc, you need to look at your character: he is shaded to look like a 'cartoon' character - so we're not being shown glossy wet surfaces or jelly like materials or 'realistic' eyes etc - I'd suggest your car just needs to look the same - so like a drawing of a cartoon car as a 3D car - if you know what I mean - so it continues to emulate the drawing, as opposed to flipping over into a 'realistic car' - Simon H and I talked about this yesterday and he was in agreement that you should avoid anything to 'real world' in this respect.

    1. Hi Phil thank you so much for the help :). I do agree with both you and Simon that the juxtaposition between the nucleus and the car is too different, I just loved the way the reflection of the chrome looked and thought it would make for some sexy shots especially when cars whizz past each another and such. I'll give a whirl of the toon shader, I think that could look really good. I'll head into Simon today or tomorrow too because I need help with rigging. Thanks again :)