Friday, 30 September 2016

Time and spacing animation done with adobe animate


  1. Hello Graeme,
    Not sure why one of the balls grows and shrinks here. These will need some reviewing, one should be evenly spaced between frame 1 - 24, the other should start slowly, be faster in the middle and then slow back into the end, both at 24frames. They should both also be the same size throughout. These are to demonstrate the difference between timing and spacing, they both have the same timing but they have different spacing.

    1. Hi Nat thanks so much for the advice. Just wondering is there any way to make the balls the exact same size for each frame? could I use F6? just because I found it difficult to make them the same size as the previous frame when drawing them each time and doing it by eye and thats why one of the balls grows and shrinks. thanks

    2. Hey Graeme,

      Yes for this exercise it's not required to draw a new ball for each frame, using F6 is recommended :)
      Make sure you get the first one nice and perfect first though by holding down shift as you use the circle tool.