Monday, 15 May 2017

Fantastic Voyage: Reflective Statement

Fantastic Voyage has been the most enjoyable and hardest project to date. It's crazy to think that I had not a lick of Maya experience last September and to be able to produce a film in maya that is modelled, textured, rigged edited and produced is really something to be proud of. I feel like I have learned so much about maya from doing this project and a lot of it I had to figure it out for myself which makes it all the more satisfying. I loved having a brief for the client, it was a lot of fun to collaborate with someone to meet their needs and tell a story that tells what they are passionate about.

It is clear that my current working arrangement isn't working. My laptop is on the way out and really stifled things because of how slow and laggy it is with everything, this has to be changed along I did run into a lot of problems with rendering and lighting in maya and unfortunately this put a halt in being able to finish the film in time to show everyone. I wanted to end first year on a high note and push myself to extremes to see what is capable from everything that I have learned during first year and I feel like I have accomplished this. Although I didn't get to show the film to Dr Klappa, the lecturers and fellow students, Im not beating myself up about it any longer, I worked hard and I cannot wait to finish the Cell Circuit as I feel like I know how to do everything I need to complete it and make it look awesome.

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